Gene Keys

The Gene Keys Golden Path is a program that sheds light on your deepest potential. By helping you to embrace your shadows and recognize your gifts, it guides you towards a simpler and more peaceful way of being. Based on the book, ‘Gene Keys – unlocking the higher purpose hidden in your DNA’, by Richard Rudd, the Golden Path uses a combination of I-Ching lines and Gene Keys to create a ‘Hologenetic Profile’ which leads you through consecutive insights about your life purpose, relationships and prosperity.

The Golden Path is divided into 3 ‘sequences’: The Activation Sequence, The Venus Sequence and The Pearl Sequence.
As you apply the insights from the Gene Keys and your Profile to your life, you will literally reprogram your DNA with a new higher vision of yourself. Then you can simply watch as your new life begins to manifest. How far you go is limited only by your own imagination!

The Gene Keys Golden Path is an invitation to begin a new journey in your life.

Regardless of outer circumstances, every person has something beautiful hidden inside them.  The sole purpose of the Gene Keys is to bring forth that beauty – to ignite the eternal spark of genius that sets you apart from everyone else.

The Gene Keys are a complete set of teachings designed for modern life.  Through the ancient art of gentle contemplation, and through reading and applying the wisdom of the Gene Keys, you may discover the true higher purpose of your life.

Your Map – the 64 Gene Keys are a universal codebook for exploring the transformation of consciousness.

Your Compass – The Hologenetic Profile is a series of personalized sequences that reveals the higher purpose behind your life and relationships and invites you into a deeply personal voyage through the Gene Keys.

Your Journey – The Golden Path is a program of deep contemplation and guides you in applying the Gene Keys to your own life, leading to powerful states of expanded awareness and self-illumination.

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