Since working with BJ Garcia, I am ready to face all my fears. Most importantly she has helped me recognize my core wound of guilt, which has been running unconsciously all my life. She set in motion my ability to see it, hear it as it is spoken, and feel the sensation of guilt within my body so it can no longer hide from my awareness. Now the natural flow of Life can happen spontaneously! Kris Martin, Educator and Author of Love Speaks by the Illustrious.

BJ Garcia is so well prepared in her field that she has been my chosen guide and mentor for my own path. I especially want to mention my gratitude for her work here in Mexico and inviting me to enter into the prisons where she powerfully presented the Enneagram. I am graced to have her in my life. LIC. Karen Ceballos, Enneagram, Affinity and YogaTeacher

I am on a spiritual path, with a very busy career! BJ has an innate ability to organize and optimize complex ideas to make learning easy and accessible. Thank you BJ- I am looking forward to continuing my work with you. Lori Reeves, Executive Assistant CEO, and writer